Hold Management


From now on you can assign individual settings for sports and leagues for your XLive software and thus specifically control the hold of your stations!

The following settings are available:

- Maximum bet per ticket (pre-match and live)
- Maximum payout per ticket (pre-match and live)
- Maximum odds per ticket (pre-match and live)
- Minimum combination requirement per ticket (pre-match and live)
- Odds deactivation threshold

These options grant you the exciting opportunity to define individual risk settings for each sports or for each pre-determined risk category.

Football, for example, is divided into 5 risk categories. Soccer category 1 contains e.g. Champions League, World/European Championships, big national leagues like the German Bundesliga or the English Premier League; the lowest soccer category 5 contains e.g. youth competitions or lower-class/strongly regional competitions.

The way of categorization is analogous for the other sports included in XLive - the lower the category, the lower the risk associated with the league. Accordingly, you can define above mentioned settings per sport category individually and control your profit!