Seamless Login, Seamless Ticket Checker

the retail versions of XLive are with immediate effect equipped with two new features to further improve the application´s usability:

  • Seamless Login - Loyalty Card login is possible by simply scanning the card - it is no longer necessary to tap the „Login“ button prior to scanning the card.


  • Seamless Ticket Checker - simultaneously, XLive form now on allows to directly scan the barcode of an XLive bet slip without any previous tap on the Ticket Checker button.


The Seamless Login feature will shortly be made available for the CBCX virtual games platform Games as well as for the main dialogue of your terminals - the CBCX application choice menu.

Additionally, the Seamless Ticket Checker feature will soon be available for the Games platform.

The Seamless Login and the Seamless Ticket Checker options add to the usability and the overall easy and convenient way of handling the retail version of XLive.