Establishing the CBCX GmbH

2003 Computer betting company gmbh emerges from com-bet.com wettgesellschaft mbh (formerly labelled “Wettbüro Linz GmbH, founded in 1985) and puts its focus solely on its core competence of independently developing and distributing software programs for modern betting systems as well as the impartial distribution of betting terminals and retail systems in Europe.


2.000 units connected

More than 2.000 units are connected to the affiliate infrastructure (betting terminals, outlet systems) with our independently developed software for sports- and live betting.

Our in-house bookmaking department, supported by state-of-the-art monitoring- and risk analysis tools adds to the unmatched quality of our programs.

The number of employees reaches and exceeds 20.



Further development of the service portfolio

2005 the steady progression of our product and service portfolio leads to the creation of the Extreme Races platform (betting on real dog and horse races) which adds an exciting and popular product to our existing betting range.

Logo Extreme Races

Introduction CBCX brand

Creation and introduction of the CBCX brand which covers our entire product portfolio of the company (sports betting, live betting Extreme Races and all future developments).

Advanced expansion in new markets and numerous exhibition appearances raise the brand awareness of CBCX and the recognition and popularity of our software products.

The year comes to an exciting end with the awarding of the Austria´s Leading Companies reward.


Already 35 employees

The Paradise Games platform adds to the existing product range and consists of the Extreme Races product and our Keno version.

Logo Paradise Games

The market position in Europe is strengthened and expanded, more than 3.000 units all across the continent operate our products and services.

35 employees guarantee smooth and efficient procedures.


5.000 units connected

The removal to our own company building in Leonding, just outside Linz, marks yet another highlight in the history of CBCX.

The new, representative building is center stage for our continuous efforts to create new, innovative products and spread our operations in new markets. More than 5.000 units are supplied with our programs, upwards tendency.


Live betting program XLive®

XLive sees the light of the day. Following up our popular LB2X live betting product, XLive is an entirely new and unique in-play betting system that sets new standards in the betting industry.

Logo XLive

40 employees look after the successful appearance of our company and quietly efficient procedures in day-to-day business.



Virtual Gaming Platform Paradise Games

PokerBet is another addition to the increasingly popular virtual games platform Paradise Games. This unique virtual Texas Hold ´Em game has a winning start and significantly increases the popularity of the CBCX product range in existing and new markets, particularly the CIS countries.


Partnership with bwin

CBCX establish a strategic partnership with bwin, the leading online B2C sports- and live betting supplier.

As a joint project, XLive gets re-modeled and equipped with the bwin live odds feed. This unique project leads to the industry´s most innovative in-play betting system. The completion of the all-new XLive product is scheduled for the start of the 2012/13 football season.


Online status 100th BetStore

Besides concluding XLive, we can proudly put the 100th BetStore online.

With this anniversary, the BetStore is one of the leading holistic online betting and gaming platforms - next to the entire CBCX program range, the BetStore can also be equipped with a wide range of externally supplied online casino- and virtual games.

Thanks to our innovative Paradise Games platform , CBCX occupy a leading position in many CIS countries, most notably Russia and Kazakhstan.

XLive betabet

Mobile version and myticket.cc

The entire in-play betting offer of XLive is adapted for mobile clients – with XLivemobile, players can conveniently and safely place live-bets on their mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablet PCs).

The creation and establishing of myTicket allows players to check upon the status of their Sports / XLive / Paradise Games tickets online www.myticket.cc

Logo myticketCBCX Mobile

Introduction Streaming Extension Server & Database

XLive is equipped with an exciting new feature – live video streaming content on thousands of live sport events allows the players to watch footage of the games they place bets upon.

The embedded display of betting markets and current odds allows for an unmatched betting and watching pleasure.

Additionally, by adding further server and database capacities, our pre-match betting product Sports is set up on an even broader and infrastructure.

This allows us to provide our partners with an enlarged and more diverse pre-match sports betting offer and to enhance the stability and sustainability of our databases, resulting in maximum reliability of our partner´s operations.




Already 50 employees at 2 locations

10th anniversary of our appearances at the
ICE Totally Gaming exhibition in London.

Logo ICE

For this occasion, we have set up an all-new stand with modern design and comfortable on-stand facilities where we welcome existing partners and representatives of potentially interested companies to showcase our product and service range.

Logo SpaceBall7

SpaceBall7 is the latest addition to the Paradise Games platform, adding yet another fast, colourful and thrilling virtual games product.

With regards to our hardware portfolio, the latest version of our stand-alone betting terminal NT3HD is equipped with the Smart Payout System which allows a wide range of cash transactions (i.e. direct payouts) being done directly on the terminal in a safe and convenient manner.

50 employees on 2 sites are guarantors for frictionless and fluent proceedings and innovative, inspired and individual products and services. With more than 15.000 units being supplied with our products and services, CBCX are among the prime suppliers for retail and online betting and gaming products.


CWA, Loyalty Card, 5Kicks

2016 was a busy and extraordinarily productive year, both in terms of adding new programs and features to our service range and putting the CBCX backend systems on the next level.

CWA combines the backend tools of all of our products into one comprehensive administration program, allowing our partners to conveniently and swiftly call up all relevant statistics and handle their day-to day business in an effective manner.

CBCX Web Access (CWA)

The CBCX Loyalty Card allows our partners to provide to their players an unique option to use the CBCX retail and web/mobile services with one user card while at the same time considering a wide set of governmental regulations.


The virtual penalty shootout game 5Kicks is the most recent and immediately successful addition to our Games platform, available for retail operations.


Major sponsoring activities

Announcement of premium sponsoring of the two sports clubs FC Blau Weiß Linz and EHC Black Wings Linz as a clear statement to our connection and commitment to top-level regional sports.

Blauweiss powered CBCX   Blackwings powered CBCX

With the XLive - powered by CBCX label on the team´s jerseys, thanks to both team´s appeal, brand awareness and exposure of our prime sports and live betting application XLive reaches a new level.

XLive powered by CBCX

New features for XLive - ticket rebuy allows for receiving and accepting attractive rebuy offers for bet slips involving currently running events. The multi-station mode combines multiple retail or POS units, enabling customers to check upon their bet slips not only on the unit where the ticket was placed originally but on other assigned units.


XLive - content extension

Significant betting offer enhancement - in addition to the already extensive in-play betting offer, XLive provides the entire pre-match betting content. This combination, resulting in the most coherent sports betting offer for retail and web clients, once again proves the leading role of XLive in the industry!

To be continued!