Betting terminals, POS systems

The CBCX hardware portfolio consists of the stand-alone terminal items NT3HD and quickBET as well as the fully equipped CBCX outlet/POS system.

No pre-installation of any software- or hardware components is required, simply plug in the device and get your betting operations started! NT3HD, quickBET and the POS system are state-of-the-art equipment to furnish your betting shops with!


Betting terminal NT3HD

The CBCX stand-alone betting device NT3HD perfectly meets the requirements of a modern betting business! NT3HD combines efficiency with usability and design. Two 22” FullHD screens with a 16:9 resolution and the accompanied display of additional betting and gaming content guarantee maximum betting pleasure – at an unbeatable price!

Product features NT3HD:

  • 2 FullHD 22” screens (one of them touch) with 16:9 resolution
  • Modern design, stable metal case
  • Easy access to all relevant components of the terminal device
  • Highest degree of usability
  • Permanent online integration
  • Supports the entire CBCX product portfolio 
  • Optional: Smart Payout System

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Betting terminal quickBET

The innovative quickBET terminal device makes the entire service range of CBCX available for even the narrowest of spaces.

quickBET allows you to present our in-play betting product XLive and a variety of bespoke add-ons to the application to your customers. High-end components and an easy way of handling ensure a smooth operation of your betting activities.

quickBET delivery contents:

  • quickBET terminal device incl. FullHD 16:9 ELO touch screen and integrated scanner
  • wireless keyboard
  • USB- or network ticket printer
  • Wifi possible

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Outlet / POS system

The perfect solution for your POS betting business!

The CBCX outlet/POS system covers the whole range of our applictions and features. Extensive possibilities for statistical analyses and variable settings enable the operator to individually design the betting offer and any possible limits and provide a unique betting product, in order to always be one step ahead of the competition!

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