Outlet/POS system

The perfect solution for your POS betting business!

The CBCX outlet / POS system covers the whole CBCX application range. Extensive possibilities for statistical analyses and variable settings enable the operator to individually design the betting offer and any possible limits and provide a unique betting product, in order to always be one step ahead of the competition!



Product features POS System

  • Modern risk management, comprehensive and proven monitoring systems
  • Experience of 30 years in the betting industry
  • The POS System supports the entire CBCX betting and gaming range
  • Extensive fields of application, numerous betting opportunities, simple operation, quick handling of all transactions
  • Scores of features to individualize your betting ops
  • The POS System is the perfect solution to create your betting business even more profitable!

Technical data, delivery contents

TFT or ELO touch screen | Laser barcode scanner | Star TSP-100 USB thermal printer 80mm | Windows 7 Embedded POS System | Intel Dual Core | 4GB RAM | 500GB SATA HDD | Gigabit Ethernet | option to connect up to 6 screens


Optical Mark Reader ACP-200

The optical mark reader ACP-200 facilitates even easier, faster and more efficient on-site betting transactions.

As an alternative to manually enter the player´s tips into the betting program, your employees accept the pre-filled and completed betting slip form, inserts the slip into the optical mark reader and proceeds with the print-out of the player´s betting ticket.

The print-out happens automatically based on the player´s entry. The betting transaction happens smoother and faster than conventionally. Used regularly, ACP-200 can perform up to 20 print procedures per minute!

ACP-200 is a convenient and efficient add-on to your on-site betting operations and is available directly from us upon request. We invite you to benefit from the additional value provided with ACP-200!

Cbcx Cardreader