quickBET Betting terminal

Our innovative quickBET terminal solution allows you to operate the entire CBCX program range in its usual quality even in tiny locations!

quickBET consists of the leading sports betting appliction XLive and all relevant add-ons and comes with specifically designed hardware components developed according to the highest quality standards,  including touchscreen and all required components for a smooth and successful betting operation that can be carried out efficiently even in the smallest of spaces.

Betting procedures are conducted in a smooth, intuitive and uncomplicated manner, and, due to the sophisticated and modern components and the easy handling during daily operations, the effort for the operator are minimal – the sum of all of this makes quickBET the perfect solution for narrow spaces and provides entertaining and profitable betting operations for everybody involved!



quickBET delivery contents

  • quickBET terminal device incl. FullHD 16:9 ELO touch screen and integrated scanner
  • wireless keyboard
  • USB- or network ticket printer
  • Wifi possible
quickBET Zubehör

Technical data

22” Elo touch screen | Laser Barcode Scanner | Star TSP-100 USB thermal printer 80mm | Windows 10 IoT | Intel Dual Core CPU | 4GB RAM |120 GB SSD | Gigabit Ethernet / WLAN | optional: connection of up to 3 additional screens

Dimensions (with pedestal): Height 44cm | Width 57cm | Depth 29cm | Weight 17kg