The CBCX software portfolio

The CBCX software portfolio consists of the in-play betting program XLive, the pre-match betting product Sports and our virtual games platform Games.

Our entire software range is available for terminals, outlet/POS systems and web-based platforms (BetStore, API integration) and is the perfect solution for your betting and gambling operations!

The CBCX Loyalty Card combines the programs of our entire range and all platforms on one single user card!


XLive - the leading in-play betting system!

  • In-play betting on up to 30.000 live sports events each month
  • Up to 250 live betting markets for each game
  • Rest-of-the-match bet as the base of numerous event-relevant betting markets guarantees enduring and sustainable betting pleasure
  • XLive also contains a huge, constantly upgraded and enlarged pre-match betting offer
  • Comprehensive monitoring and risk management of the CBCX bookmaking team, supported by state-of-the-art analysis- and evaluating tools
  • Variable and granular risk- and limit settings right down to station/POS level
  • Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Handball, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, American Football, Darts, Formula 1, Winter Sports
  • Omni-channel betting – XLive is available on terminals, outlet/POS systems, web clients (API integration, BetStore) and mobile clients
  • Utmost level of reliability due to widespread and diversified server infrastructure
  • Premium partnerships with the industry´s leading feed and data providers allows us to place the most extensive and most reliable in-play betting offer at our partner´s disposal

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XLive Panorama

NEW - pre-match betting integrated

  • The complete pre-match and in-play betting content in one application
  • Extensive range of sports bets of all kinds
  • Ever growing list of leagues and markets thanks to constant upgrades and extension of the betting content
  • Up-to-the-minute odds, changes and updates of the offer within seconds
  • Utmost level of security thanks to the extensive risk management and monitoring of the CBCX bookmaking department
  • Reliability of the system granted by the broad diversification of the server infrastructure
  • Available for all channels – betting terminals, outlet / POS systems, web clients (API, BetStore)
XLive Premium Retail

Games - the CBCX gaming plattform!

The CBCX gaming platform Games contains the virtual gaming programs Keno, PokerBet, SpaceBall7, XRaces and 5Kicks.

Games is available on all platforms and provides an entertaining diversion to our in-play and sports betting range. Games allows you to offer to your customers a quick and fair virtual games range!

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Cbcx Games

CBCX Loyalty Card

The CBCX Loyalty Card allows the combination of all products of the CBCX program range (XLive, Sports, Games) on all platforms (terminals, POS, web and mobile clients). 

Additionally, the Loyalty Card puts a multitude of exciting features on offer:

  • Cash-deposit directly from the terminal to the customer account
  • Disbursement from the customer account on the terminal (if cash disbursement hardware is available, cash disbursements can be arranged too)
  • Cashing of CBCX prepaid cards onto the customer account as an alternative cash-free payment method

The CBCX Loyalty Card allows for the user to sign in on terminals, POS stations and web-/mobile clients which are assigned to his card and to securely and conveniently place their bets. All transactions done on any on any of the CBCX applications are safely stored and can be called up at any time. 

With its multitude of settings and payment types, the Loyalty Card is the perfect instrument for your betting and gaming operations. The CBCX backend programs allow for simple and convenient maintenance of the Loyalty Card and for defining of key aspects for its operation - down to singular stations. 


CBCX Turnkey Solutions

  • CBCX Backend Services
  • SSBT / Terminal
  • POS (Shop)
  • Mobile/Web Platform
  • Online Back Office CWA
  • myTicket App

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