CBCX Loyalty Card

Launching the CBCX Loyalty Card enables us to provide you with a tool to link all applications of our entire program range and all available platforms!

The CBCX Loyalty Card contains all relevant player data (registration credentials, current credit balance, optional: player name and photograph) and allows for players to sign in with their unique Loyalty Card number on all assigned terminals and POS systems.

In addition, the Loyalty Card puts a multitude of features at avail:

  • Cash deposit directly from the terminal onto the user account
  • Disbursement from the user account on the terminal (with disbursal hardware installed on the terminal, even cash disbursement is possible)
  • Cashing of CBCX Prepaid Card credit on the user account as an additional cash-free payment method

 Several available characteristics of the Loyalty Card allow you to conduct your operations in accordance with your requirements and in line with your customer´s preferences.
Find out about the advantages and benefits of the Loyalty Card in personal talks with your contact person at CBCX who will gladly inform you on all aspects of the Loyalty Card and best practice strategies to further boost your betting business! In addition, the CBCX sales team is also at your disposal for general inquiries about the Loyalty Card - drop us a quick message to sales@cbc-x.com to find out more about the Loyalty Card!