Feature Update

The recently performed version release for the CBCX program range contains several crucial new features, both as far as XLive and general administration of the CBCX services are concerned:


XLive Ticket List

Logged in users have access to and can retrieve a list of XLive tickets placed in the past.  

The ticket list contains all relevant ticket data and ticket status information. To view the ticket list, the user must enter his account dialog and select "Ticket List".

The ticket list main view indicates the status of each listed ticket; to retrieve further ticket details, the respective entry in the ticket list must be clicked. A filter option allows to group the tickets by their respective status. 

Note that the ticket list is only available for XLive users logged in with their Loyalty Card. 


Account statement

The account statement displays all monetary account transactions (winnings, stakes, deposits, disbursements) on the CBCX program range of logged in users.

Date filters allow to group transactions by month. The account statement can be found in the user information dialog. Note that the account statement is only available for users logged in with their Loyalty Card.

The account statement is available for XLive as of now; it will be made available for the Games and on the application choice main menu in the near future. 


Current Balance report

For station interim reporting and accounting, a new option enables CWA users to see the current balance at a single glance - simply activate the "Current Balance" checkbox in the "Accounting" section of CWA to receive a summary of deposits, disbursements and the current balance.

The "Current Balance" option is applicable for station and folder level.


Interim Report / Accounting - remote creation

In the course of this, accounting and interim reporting can be initiated within CWA instead of having to be on site - even when the terminal is offline/switched off entirely/not currently in operation.

The "Create interim report/account" dialog in the "Actions" menu in CWA provides the option to remotely create accounting and interim reports.


Dispenser functionalities

If a dispenser device is used on a terminal which runs CBCX programs, the current dispenser fill status is periodically sent to the CBCX back office administration tool CWA.

This allows for the CWA user to see the current dispenser fill status directly from within CWA instead of having to enter the terminal test center.