New product - SpaceBall7

Spaceball 7

We proudly present to you the latest addition to our Paradise Games platform: SpaceBall7 complements our gaming range with a fun and exciting new game

SpaceBall7 offers two betting modes: for one, the player can select 7 numbers in the game´s bingo mode. The earlier the selected numbers are drawn in the subsequent drawing period, the higher the player´s winnings are. Additionally, a variety of special bets allows the player to take a hit on an attractive range of game markets and odds.

Subsequently to all SpaceBall7 rounds, a colourfully animated drawing sequence determines the results of the SpaceBall7 round.

SpaceBall7 is available with immediate effect and is activated for your stations automatically. If you are interested in SpaceBall7 but do not yet operate the Paradise Games platform, please contact your account manager for him to take you through the necessary steps of adding the Paradise Games to your portfolio.