Smart Payout System


The CBCX betting terminal NT3HD is available with an optionally integrated Smart Payout System.

By using the Smart Payout technology, your customers can optionally arrange cash disbursements directly from the terminal. The subsequent payout happens automatically, thus leading to even faster and simpler disbursement operations.

Features of the Smart Payout System for NT3HD terminals:

  • Processing of nigh on unlimited amounts of banknote denominations
  • Collection, validation and storage banknotes for future disbursements
  • Jam free, quick payout procedures
  • Efficient handling of direct payout procedures
  • Maximum security – the Smart Payout System represents a fail-safe and lockable unit

Your existing range of NT3HD terminals can be complemented with the Smart Payout System by integrating the Smart Payout kit onto the terminal in an easy and convenient manner.

We gladly further describe the numerous advantages of the Smart Payout System for NT3HD terminals and kindly invite you to contact your account manager or our support team to find out more about the Smart Payout System and how it adds to your operations as well as to learn about the available means of integrating the system in your terminals.