XLive Content Upgrade

In-play betting and pre-match betting in one single application – XLive makes it possible!

The retail-version of our in-play betting application XLive from now on not only contains the full in-play betting content - it puts a significantly enlarged pre-match betting offer at your customer´s disposal!

XLive – new features

  • Significant upgrade of pre-match betting offer
  • All-new league filter to facilitate the navigation through the ever expanding betting content
  • Definition of recommended (most popular) leagues
  • Customization of available content (favourite leagues, pinned matches etc – provided Loyalty Card functionality is enabled)
  • Improved, modernized flat style design (allowing for optimized available screen space – e.g. more matches per screen)
  • Multitude of configuration options to tailor the available betting content to each of your locations

In addition to these exciting new features, XLive still comes with all of its established functions such as Loyalty Card support, Live Video Streams, convenient TV configuration, easy and quick reporting and a variety of other settings options. 

All of these features and functionalities make XLive the perfect all-round sports betting application for your retail business! Find out about the several content packages and general information on XLive here.

Equip your retail betting operations with the biggest and most comprehensive sports betting offer to date! Learn more about XLive and how it boosts your retail betting operations by contacting our support team who will happily fill you in on all the aspects of the best and most coherent betting offer to date! We are looking forward to hearing from you!