XLive Features - Retail and Mobile


Primary Market Customization

With the latest version of XLive, your customers can select which main bets shall be put on the XLive main view. From now on, they can put their most desired bet type on the front page instead of having to search for it in the expansive XLive bet type offer - instead of by default having the "Rest Of The Match", "Total" and "Next Goal", they can define and select their most favored main bets, thus being able to much quicker and easier complete their desired bet!

After a few minutes of idle time with no transactions being conducted on the device, the system puts the current default main bets back to the main view. That way, succeeding punters who might not check which main bets are active won´t get confused. 


League Filter Sorting

The various leagues and competitions of each country (region) are now sorted according to their relevance and popularity - top flight leagues are put on top with subsequent lower leagues ranking below. This feature ensures that punters won´t have to search for the most popular league of any country but find the most sought after league on top of each country.


Available for retail and web/mobile

Both new features are active automaticalla and with immediate effect for retail and web clients!