XLive - New Features!

Ticket Replay

XLive allows to create equivalent copies of previously placed XLive bet slips. To do so, the original bet slip must be scanned; in the subsequently started Ticket Checker dialogue, a copy can be created. All tips which are still available are added to the  copy; any changes to the original ticket (e.g. odds changes) are indicated.


Place Bet Visualization

When placing a bet, the user sees a countdown indicating the expected security wait time for the bet slip to be accepted and confirmed.


In-Play Availability Indicator

Pre-match events which eventually will most probably be available for in-play betting are marked with a green line-shaped tag. Any such tag indicates thatonce the match has started, it is very likely that it will be available for in-play betting.


Secure Logging

With secure logging enabled, all locally generated and stored log files will be encrypted, thus preventing sensitive information like customer card numbers, monetary data, etc to be disclosed to unauthorized third parties.