XLive - new features


Our efforts to keep XLive the leading pre-match and in-play sports betting product for retail and web applications result in a new version release, containing new features which we are proud to hereby introduce to you.



With immediate effect, XLive not only allows your customers to place bets on an ever expanding amount of sports events - from now on, they can even place bets on the eventual outcome of competitions!

Bet on the league champions, relegation, top goal scorers etc on numerous football and tennis competitions from around the world!

Which team will win the upcoming World Cup? Who will be the competition´s top goalscorer? Which teams will advance from the group stages? Which team will win the German Bundesliga, which team gets relegated from the English Premier League? Take your pick and place your bet - only in XLive!


New sports - Cycling

Cycling is the latest addition to the XLive sports and live betting content, allowing your customers to place bets on the winner of each stage of a cycling race and on the overall champions of the biggest and most prestigeous cycling competitions in the world!