XLive web/mobile versions


New features for XLive web/mobile versions

New layout

The new, level layout of buttons and the application of a new font give XLive a clean and modern look and provide the user with the best possible readability and visibility of all components of the XLive betting offer. 

League statistics

The web and mobile versions of XLive now feature a wide array of league and team statistics.

Upon clicking on the special markets button of any game, the user can select their preferred data by tapping the "statistics" icon (highlighted yellow), including

- Head 2 Head statistics
- League standings
- Form table
- Season statistics ("Statistics Total")


Information bar

To ease navigation through the ever expanding XLive betting content, the user sees an information bar upon selecting any league(s) in the league filter which indicates the currently selected league(s).

Furthermore, all relevant retrieval capabilities are now placed in one section, easing navigation for the player and making his bet history, results (incl. team search function), language selection and filtering leagues more accessible. 


Customization option

The top right area of any XLive dialog, normally branded with the XLive logo, offers an ideal customization option.