News from the world ofSports and live betting

  • 5. July 2017

    Linked Station Mode

    The Linked Station Mode allows for your customers to check and arrange disbursement of their tickets not only on the station where the bet s

  • 20. April 2017

    XLive Ticket Rebuy

    Effective immediately, our in-play betting product XLive provides another exciting feature: the ticket rebuy functionality

  • 6. January 2017

    CBCX at ICE 2017 in London

    For the 12th consecutive time, CBCX exhibit our entire program and service range at the annual ICE Totally Gaming exhibition at ExCel Exhibition Cent

  • 16. November 2016

    CBCX Loyalty Card

    Launching the CBCX Loyalty Card enables us to provide you with a tool to link all applications of our entire program range and all available

  • 1. December 2015

    myTicket App offers your customers the opportunity to check upon the status of XLive-, Sports- and Games tickets online. From now on, myTicket can also be downloaded in app stores!