5. September 2022

XLive Multi Bonus

Effective immediately, XLive now offers the possibility to select a Multi Bonus (combination bonus).

31. August 2022

HD optimised view

XLive now also offers the possibility of setting an optimised view for HD TVs - this can be done directly in the TV settings dialogue of XLi

31. March 2022

XLive - new features

Our efforts to keep XLive the leading pre-match and in-play sports betting product for retail and web applications result i

16. December 2021

XLive - new bet markets

Right in time for the usually frantic Christmas and New Year periods, we are happy to introduce a significant upgrade of the betting content for our

24. November 2021

Look and feel upgrade

The recently launched latest version of our market-leading sports and live betting application XLive features a visibly refined look and feel on all

12. May 2021

XLive Smooth Scrolling

XLive now offers your betting customers the possibility to use the "swipe" gestures which they are familiar with from their

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