XLive - The leading in-play betting system!

The CBCX in-play betting system XLive embodies the premier live and sports betting application on the betting market. Created in unique partnerships with the industry´s leading feed and data providers, XLive provides you with an extraordinaire sports betting offer - both for in-play and pre-match events!

XLive powered

XLive - Features

  • In-play betting on up to 40.000 live sports events each month
  • Up to 350 live betting markets for each game
  • Adjustable risk settings for all sports and leagues
  • Swipe gestures for easy and swift navigation
  • Hold management - customize risk settings for sports and leagues
  • Ticket rebuy (Cash Out)
  • Wide array of league and team statistics
  • Bankers, Multi-Systems
  • Rest-of-the-match bet as the base of numerous event-relevant betting markets guarantees enduring and sustainable betting pleasure
  • Comprehensive monitoring and risk management of the CBCX bookmaking team, supported by state-of-the-art analysis- and evaluating tools
  • Customizable odds sheets
  • Cross-platform look and feel
  • In-play availability indicator
  • Fast-paced keyboard or touch-screen bet entry
  • Omni-channel betting – XLive is available on terminals, outlet/POS systems, web clients (API integration, BetStore) and mobile clients
  • Utmost level of reliability due to widespread and diversified server infrastructure
  • Display of minimum and maximum possible disbursement amount on all XLive tickets
  • Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Handball, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, American Football, Darts, Motorsports
  • The most extensive and most reliable sports betting offer!
XLive Features

XLive Premium

XLive Premium - including the entire pre-match sports betting content!

Take advantage from the multitude of benefits XLive Premium offers to your customers by providing not only the biggest in-play betting content but also the entire pre-match sports betting offer for retail and web - including

  • all sports
  • all leagues
  • all teams
  • all statistics
  • all odds



xlive premium

Live betting - all inclusive

  • Combine in-play and pre-match sports events on one and the same bet slip
  • Up to 35,000 sports betting events per month
  • Up to 300 different betting markets for each game
  • High level of usability - easy selection of the desired events
  • Sports- and league filter to faciliate the navigation through the extensive live betting content
  • Multitude of add-on features such as ticket rebuy and multi station mode
  • Available in 25 languages - upwards tendency
  • XLivemobile - adapted for utilizing XLive on desktop and mobile devices


XLivemobile puts the entire live betting range of CBCX at your customer´s fingertips on Smartphones and Tablet PCs!

With XLivemobile, your customers have the most extensive in-play betting offer right in their hands. XLivemobile allows them to place bets on all major sports events and check their winnings everywhere, at any time!

XLivemobile contains the same exact live betting offer as the stationary XLive product. XLivemobile allows you to provide the biggest in-play betting offer for Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, American Football, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Handball, Table Tennis, Darts, Formula 1 and Winter Sports to your customers!

Mobile Devices