XLive - The leading in-play betting system!

The CBCX in-play betting system XLive embodies the premier live betting program on the betting market. Created in a unique partnership with bwin, XLive provides you with an extraordinaire live betting offer!

XLive powered

XLive Content Packs

XLive offers a multitude of configuration opportunities and divides the available in-play and pre-match betting content into 4 different ranges.

The available XLive content packages can be configured on a station level, allowing you to tailor your betting operations to each of your locations and offering maximal sports betting content to your customers!

  • XLive Premium – consists of the entire in-play and pre-match betting content - all leagues, all competitions, all events!
  • XLive Classic – entire in-play betting offer and selected pre-match events
  • XLive Basic – entire in-play betting content, no pre-match offer
  • XLive Pre Match –  entire pre-match betting offer  no in-play betting content

The packages are available for XLive operations on all platforms (POS, terminal, web/mobile clients)


XLive - Features

  • In-play betting on up to 25.000 live sports events each month
  • Up to 1,5 million live betting markets each month
  • NEW - Ticket rebuy
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Wide array of league and team statistics
  • Rest-of-the-match bet as the base of numerous event-relevant betting markets guarantees enduring and sustainable betting pleasure
  • Comprehensive monitoring and risk management of the CBCX bookmaking team, supported by state-of-the-art analysis- and evaluating tools
  • Variable and granular risk- and limit settings right down to station/POS level
  • Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Handball, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, American Football, Darts, Formula 1, Winter Sports
  • Omni-channel betting – XLive is available on terminals, outlet/POS systems, web clients (API integration, BetStore) and mobile clients
  • Utmost level of reliability due to widespread and diversified server infrastructure
  • The premium partnership with bwin allows us to place the most extensive and most reliable in-play betting offer at our partner´s disposal
xlive features

Live Video Streaming

The vast live betting offer with top odds on offer 24/7 now comes with another, second-to-none advantage – live video footage of current sports events!

Thanks to the unique Live Video Streaming content on international top leagues, you are in a position to offer the possibility to watch live footage of the games they place bets upon. This extraordinaire feature allows your customers to always react on the current gameplay!

Live Video

Live Video Streaming - Features

  • Live Video Streaming content on up to 20.000 live sports events each year, upwards tendency thanks to constant upgrades and addition of new sports/leagues
  • Majority of the videos available in HD quality
  • Live videos are embedded in XLive, all relevant scoreboard information are visible at a glance
  • Integrated video stream planner allows an easy handling and convenient selection of videos for each conntected TV
  • Pre-adjustable video channel allows an automated determination of content for each single conntected TV in advance
  • Additional option to manually and spontaneously determine a channel
  • Display up to 6 videos simultaneously
Cbcx Xlive Video Streaming

Video Streaming Planner

  1. TV symbols: the amount of connected TVs is detected and displayed automatically
  2. During the given time span all available videos of the selected sports are started according to their priority
  3. This TV is not made available for live video streaming
  4. This TV is made available for manual planning of live video stream events
  5. For this TV the customer is allowed to change the manually selected video or choose another video stream by himself
  6. Event wird ab Spielbeginn auf definiertem TV angezeigt
  7. Warning message informs user that the available data package is running short and about to expire
XLive: Videostream Planer - Screenshot

Administration, Technical preconditions

Administration of Live Video Streams

  • Video content can be assigned and determined for individual output devices
  • Prepaid credit allows to easily and reliably control the disposability of your available video streams
  • Notification in due course when purchased video streaming package is close to expiring
  • Credit for new streaming content can be uploaded at any time anew or upon existing credit balance
  • Several prepaid packages to match your individual needs

Technical preconditions / recommendations:

  • Flash 12 ActiveX or higher
  • Stable internet connection with adequate bandwith:

Regular video stream quality: min. 1MBit/S per displayed video
HD video stream quality: min. 2MBit/S per displayed video


XLive Screenshots


XLivemobile puts the entire live betting range of CBCX at your customer´s fingertips on Smartphones and Tablet PCs!

With XLivemobile, your customers have the most extensive in-play betting offer right in their hands. XLivemobile allows them to place bets on all major sports events and check their winnings everywhere, at any time!

XLivemobile contains the same exact live betting offer as the stationary XLive product. XLivemobile allows you to provide the biggest in-play betting offer for Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, American Football, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Handball, Table Tennis, Darts, Formula 1 and Winter Sports to your customers!

Cbcx Xlive Mobile

Download XLive product sheet

FInd out more about the numerous advantages of XLive - download the XLive product sheet, browse through its informational content and check out the wide range of functionalities of XLive and XLivemobile!

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